Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Home again

Volcanoes and floods and ferries, oh my! I am back in The Gambia again! I had to change my flight because of the volcano in Iceland and then the day before my re-scheduled flight was due to leave Nashville, Nashville got hit with the biggest flood it had ever seen. Was someone trying to tell me something??? After safely arriving (on almost empty planes--yippee, lots of room to stretch out), the driver bringing the car across the river on the ferry to get me had to wait in a horribly long line. I was glad that the line going the other way was much shorter.

I am working on re-tiling my sister Ruth's old apartment which I will be moving into. The men are digging out the old tile now and the tile guy will arrive next week. I will try to put some pictures up soon.

The word is out in the village that I am back. Today I had a houseful of people. Over a dozen kids of all sizes and at least 10 women were in my house this afternoon. I am so glad to be back in The Gambia. I didn't realize how much I missed everyone until I saw them again.

Now that I'm back and have a decent internet connection I will try to post more regularly. If I don't, you have my permission to bug me. Talk to you later.